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🧩 Block

Automation flows consist of the blocks placed in the editor and the connection between these blocks. Each component placed in the editor is called a block. Therefore, blocks are named with the component that defines them, such as trigger block, browser action block.


At the top of the block is an icon identifying the component and the category of the component. Below, it is the name of the component. Inputs are shown to the left of the block and outputs to the right. Inputs and outputs have names that describe them. You can change the position of the blocks by drag and drop.

A component has 0 or more inputs and at least 1 output.


A component can get its inputs from 2 sources:

Connections: When the output of one block is connected to the input of another block, automation works and output of first block transfers as an input to the other block.

Input Form: The detail window (that opens when the block is clicked) allows you to enter a value for the input.

You can see whether the automation is working or not on the editor screen.