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Are you looking to switch from Todoist to Cubicl for better task management, especially with Cubicl's added CRM features? If you're like me, you might have some unfinished tasks in Todoist that need to be transferred to Cubicl. Luckily, with the Monkedo No-Code Automation Tool, this process is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make the switch smoothly. Also, you can watch the video tutorial.

Todoist to Cubicl

Step 1: Setting Up the Manual Trigger

Since this transfer is a one-time operation, we'll start by adding the “Manual Trigger” from the “Trigger” components to the Monkedo editor.

Listing Uncompleted Tasks from Todoist

Next, go to the “Actions” menu, select the “Todoist” app, and add the "List Uncompleted Tasks" component to the editor. If you haven't already, integrate your Todoist account with Monkedo by clicking the "new" button in the right-hand menu. Once that's done, select your account.

In my Todoist account, I have a project named "Management" with tasks listed under it. I want to transfer these tasks to the similarly named "management" project in Cubicl, which is currently empty. Select "management" for the project input in the "List Uncompleted Tasks" component to filter the tasks under the Management project in Todoist. Leave the “Section” and “Label” fields empty as we won't be filtering these.

Todoist-List Uncompleted Tasks-Configuration

Step 3: Connecting Components

To connect the “Manual Trigger” and “List Uncompleted Tasks” components, click the "add activation input" button and link the two components. Run the component to see the outputs in the "List of Entity" format. Go to the Values tab to view the outputs, which will be in a "list" format.

Todoist-List Uncompleted Tasks-Values

Step 4: Setting Up the Iterate List Component

Select the "Cubicl" app from the "Actions" menu and add the "Create Task" component. Since this component is designed for creating one task at a time and we have multiple tasks, we need to use the "iterate list" component from the "flow control" category to iterate the task creation process. Link the "List Uncompleted Tasks" component to the "iterate list" component, then run it to see the outputs under "values."

Iterate List

Step 5: Configuring the Cubicl Component

Now, it's time to set up the "Cubicl" component. In Cubicl, I created a "management" project, which currently has no tasks. The Kanban view stages are pending, active, completed, and suspended.

For the "name" input in Cubicl, open "expression" and select "input: content." Repeat this step for the "description." These two pieces of data will be fetched from Todoist. For "Assignees," select the account available in your Cubicl account. Set the task priority to "medium" and choose the "State" as "Waiting" (Pending in Cubicl) to create the tasks under this stage in Cubicl. Ensure all connections between components are added correctly.

Configure Cubicl Component

Step 6: Running the Automation

Finally, it's time to run the automation. Click the "run" button at the top, and all tasks in Todoist will be created in Cubicl. After running the automation, you should see all your tasks from Todoist now available in Cubicl!

Transferred Tasks in Cubicl

By following these steps, you can easily transfer your tasks from Todoist to Cubicl using the Monkedo No-Code Automation Tool. This guide ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted and that you can take full advantage of Cubicl's features. Happy task managing!

The Monkedo No-Code Automation Tool offers integration with over 400 applications. If you prefer using project management software like ClickUp, Jira, or Asana instead of Cubicl, check out our Integrations page to see all available options.

Is your application not listed? Can't find the component you need? Contact us for assistance.