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The easiest way to automate apps and workflows! No code, no technical term.


About Monkedo

Dive into the world of your favorite apps! Connect them seamlessly and banish repetitive tasks with Monkedo. Let's make automation fun!

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No-code Automation Platform for Everyone


Explore the Power-Packed Features

  • No-Code
  • Flexible Flows
  • Templates
  • Browser Extention
  • Dashboards & Apps (coming soon)
  • iPaaS (coming soon)

No code writing!

Drag and drop components to the editor

User-friendly interface

No technical terms, no coding

Ready-to-use components

Test and execute automations

Enhanced workflow efficiency

Flexible Flows

Create graph-like flows.

Tailor workflows to your specific needs

Efficiently automate repetitive tasks

Easily handle lists and tables of items in your processes

Optimize timing for smoother processes

Ensure clear completion statuses

Efficiently manage loop exits

Aggregate data seamlessly in loops


Share automation templates.

Share automations with your team or Monkedo community

Access shared templates

Customize templates

Permission limits for teams

Accelerate automation creation

Inspire new automation ideas

Browser Extention

Get data from websites.

Easily set-up extention to your browser

Select elements such as buttons, input fields, or dropdown menus

Extract selected elements' data for your automation

Get user interactions in the website for automated workflows

Streamline workflow smoothly

Dashboards & Apps (coming soon)

Create apps and dashboard.

Design personalized dashboards effortlessly

Craft user-friendly custom applications for your team

No coding, just drag and drop components

Manage your team's permissions

Create apps for your clients and users and have a platform to manage them. (Coming soon)

iPaaS (coming soon)

Use Monkedo as an integration platform as a service.

Enable integration capabilities in your applications

Only pay for what you use, making it cost-effective and efficient

Save time and resources

Effortlessly deliver the integrations your users demand

Discover Editor, Component, Block & Connection

When an automation created on editor, a component uses the values it receives from its inputs and provides the results as outputs. These outputs are transferred to other components by connections. During automation, all components, inputs, outputs and connections work until the flow is ended.

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