Monkedo No-code Automation Platform

Create and automate a wide range of elements, from tasks and workflows to applications and dashboards, using a robust no-code platform.


No-code Automation Platform for Everyone

Office People

Tired of wasting time on repetitive tasks and dealing with disorganized data?

With Monkedo, streamline your workflow, effortlessly consolidate data, and kick human errors to the curb.

No programming skills needed!

IT Teams

Frustrated by unclear requests and constant changes from office folks?

Say hello to Monkedo! Streamline development, empower your team to manage platforms without coding, and break free to focus on high-value projects.


Ready to supercharge your development? With Monkedo, streamline integration, cut costs, and optimize workflows!

Tired of wasting time on coding for integration or expensive external services? Monkedo is your solution!


Explore the Power-Packed Features

Drag and Drop! No coding!

No coding skills needed! Seamlessly connect functional blocks to create robust automated processes, and the best part? You can execute and test these automations right in the development phase. Experience a new level of workflow efficiency with Monkedo.

Create Graph-Like Flows

Our unique design empowers components to effortlessly gather inputs from various sources. Watch as the flow adapts – it can either wait for all preceding branches to complete or dynamically rerun the remaining part for each prior branch. Don't be fooled by the complexity of the explanation – executing this seamless process is a breeze with our user-friendly interface! Experience simplicity at its finest with Monkedo.

Browser Extention for Automations

Unlock unparalleled convenience with our powerful tool designed to automate tasks seamlessly within your web browser. Simply add the extension, authorize the necessary permissions, and unleash the full potential of Monkedo as your trusted ally in automation. Streamline your workflow effortlessly and make every click count!

Develop Dashboards and Apps

Craft tailor-made dashboards for instant data visualization and action execution. Create custom data input forms, transforming them into user-friendly applications seamlessly linked to automations.

Monkedo puts the power in your hands, making it a breeze to meet all your software needs effortlessly. Elevate your checkout process with personalized dashboards and apps designed just for you!

Discover Editor, Component, Block & Connection

When an automation created on editor, a component uses the values it receives from its inputs and provides the results as outputs. These outputs are transferred to other components by connections. During automation, all components, inputs, outputs and connections work until the flow is ended.

Join Monkedo Community

Join our community. Share your automations. Find out new features. Learn more about us.

News from Monkedo Experts

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