About team

Hey there, intergalactic explorer! Welcome to the Monkedo Crew's cosmic domain!

Get ready for a warp-speed journey through our tech-tastic galaxy.

Imagine this: a troop of ingenious minds uniting, armed with laptops and fueled by a serious rocket fuel addiction, poised to conquer the digital cosmos.

Our commander-in-chief, Erkan, had a stellar revelation during his galactic school escapades, pondering, 'Business management needs a cosmic hero.' Fast forward to university, where Erkan dazzled in the New Ideas New Businesses program, clinching a finalist spot and birthing our brainchild – Cubicl Task Management Software.

In 2017, we launched our cosmic enterprise. R&D is our cosmic playground, and Cubicl is our celestial offspring. We boast a constellation of 13 stellar beings, and we're navigating the cosmic currents with over 3000 active users, spanning vast cosmic realms.

Alright, alright, enough with Cubicl chatter! You're here for the Monkedo tale, aren't you? Don't fret, it's coming right up.

So, Cubicl boasts a bustling user base. Lately, they've been clamoring for more: integration with other apps, automated workflows, even custom software integrations and dashboards. They've sung praises for Cubicl's prowess but craved more magic. And that's where Erkan, stepped in with a cosmic idea: 'Why not create an app that anticipates users' needs and automates their tasks? Monkey See, Monkey Do.'

We delved into the Cubicl cosmos, observing our users closely. They're not versed in the language of code. They're not keen on emptying their cosmic coffers. And time? Well, it's as precious as a comet's tail.

And so, the Monkedo odyssey swung into action! We embarked on a mission, swinging through the jungle of development to craft software that's as accessible and effortless as a monkey swinging from vine to vine, all while avoiding coding conundrums.

Months of cosmic tinkering ensued as our troop of mischief-makers sculpted Monkedo, pouring our excitement into every banana peel, uh, I mean, every line of code.

But here's the kicker: we're just getting started, hanging out at the launchpad, ready to catapult into the cosmos! There's a whole jungle of features, usage scenarios, videos, and even new integrations waiting to be discovered.

So, grab onto the nearest vine and join us on this cosmic journey as we swing through the stars, charting new frontiers together. 🚀🐒

Monkey see, monkey do!