Terms of Use

Last update: 16.04.2024

This document states the terms of use for the Monkedo No-Code Automation Platform.


“Monkedo” or “We” or “Us”: The software and service provider.

“Monkedo” or “the Platform”: All associated software and services such as the platform, the website, and documentation. 

“User/s”: Individual/s or business/es utilizing Monkedo services and software. If individual/s represent a business, they affirm their authority to legally bind it to these Terms.

Binding Rule

By using Monkedo, users agree to these Terms. If there is a disagreement, refrain from using Monkedo. For inquiries about these Terms, contact us at support@monkedo.com.

Account and Data Responsibility

  1. To access the Platform, users need to create an account and ensure all provided information is accurate and current. 
  2. Users have responsibility to maintain confidentiality of their account details. Any security information (e.g., username, password) must be treated as confidential. Notify Monkedo immediately if there is a suspected unauthorized access via support@monkedo.com 
  3. Monkedo shall not be liable for any data loss, financial loss, or other damages resulting from the use of the Platform. Users are responsible for taking necessary precautions to mitigate such risks.
  4. Monkedo securely holds incoming data throughout transactional processes, ensuring its availability until workflows are finalized. Subsequently, data retention is subject to deletion at any time. Given that the platform is not designed for prolonged data storage, users are encouraged to maintain backups elsewhere to safeguard their information. Please note that Monkedo does not assume liability for any potential data loss.
  5. User profile picture, first and last name or other user information can be viewed by other users or non-users such as team members in the organization or people you send notifications to. Monkedo determines what information will be viewed by other people.
  6. Users should not share their passwords with others. If the user realizes that her/his account has been accessed without permission by someone else, s/he must notify Monkedo within 24 hours. Otherwise, all responsibility belongs to the user.
  7. Users should not attempt to access and use other users' accounts without permission.
  8. Users' accounts can be restricted or blocked by the organization they work for. You have to accept such a situation with understanding.
  9. No penalty/compensation will be paid for any loss more than the total membership and service fees users have paid for the Platform.


  1. A free plan will be provided to all users. No payment or credit card required.
  2. To access paid plans requires payment. Prices listed in the website of the Platform exclude taxes and duties.
  3. Monthly plans require advance payment at the start of each month. Users can cancel monthly subscriptions at any time via the Platform. 
  4. Fee adjustments apply to service upgrades/downgrades. Users have the capability to perform upgrading or downgrading operations themselves. Downgrading may result in feature/data loss, for which Monkedo holds no liability.
  5. Fees are processed by iyzico.com.
  6. Certain features may require separate subscriptions with third parties, subject to their terms, so Monkedo holds no liability.
  7. The Platform offers both paid and free components. With regards to the free components, credits are deducted at a probability rate of 1/100 per execution to deter potential misuse, whether deliberate or inadvertent. Please note that Monkedo reserves the right to modify the classification of paid and free components, as well as the credit deduction policy, without prior notice.
  8. In the event of a dispute resulting in a refund to the user, a $5 transaction fee will be applied. In cases where the refund amount falls below the transaction fee, no reimbursement will be provided to the user.

Analysis and Statistical Purposes

  1. Monkedo may collect and analyze information about user behavior in order to improve service quality and offer new services and solutions. Monkedo guarantees that information that may reveal user identity or personal information will not be shared outside of Monkedo.
  2. By using website analysis tools, Monkedo collects information from which website, search engine, or other media users come to the website. The mentioned information is used for statistical purposes only.
  3. In order to provide better service, any made suggestions, comments or feedback can be used by Monkedo without limitation.

Change of Software and Services

  1. The software and services provided may be updated or changed without notice.
  2. Monkedo retains the prerogative to discontinue an integration, application, or component at a subsequent juncture without prior notification to the user.

Platform Availability

  1. Unless required by mandatory circumstances, Monkedo ensures continuous access for users at all times.
  2. Monkedo may suspend or withdraw the Platform for business or operational reasons.
  3. Monkedo may take appropriate action, including withdrawal of Platform access and legal measures, in response to breaches.


  1. Monkedo owns or holds licenses for all intellectual property rights on the website. 
  2. The content of the service we provide cannot be copied in any way and cannot be used for commercial or individual purposes by making unauthorized improvements and/or changes.
  3. Monkedo may provide links to third-party resources for informational purposes only.
  4. Users have the ability to utilize the Platform for generating automated workflows, allowing actions to occur across various software applications triggered by events. Moreover, users can engage with the community by contributing to the forum, including sharing their workflows. Additionally, users can upload their own workflows and access content shared by others for use in their projects. They also have the option to share their own content publicly on the Platform. All of them refer to the content of the user. Users' voluntary content sharing can be utilized both within the platform and on the website. Monkedo reserves the right to keep or remove such content without prior notice.

Prohibited Actions

  1. Users must not reverse engineer the Platform or attempt unauthorized access.
  2. The Platform cannot be used for illegal purposes.
  3. Users agree to indemnify us against losses resulting from breaches of these Terms or Platform use.


If any provision of these Terms is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining provisions remain in effect.


Monkedo issues notices through the Platform or email (support@monkedo.com).

Governing Law

These Terms are governed by Turkish law, with legal proceedings in Turkish courts.

Changes to Terms

These conditions can be changed without the consent or knowledge of the users.

Latest version: 17.01.2024