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BingX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform which allows users to make their exchanges smoother and easier. The main purpose of BingX is to provide its users the ability to control cryptocurrencies anywhere and on many different platforms. In addition, BingX allows you to find yourself in many different cryptocurrency communities. These integrations can be very useful for cryptocurrency users.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Get Account Balance

Get Perpetual Swap Account Asset Information reference.

Account Get Positions

Perpetual Swap Positions reference.

Calculate Leveraged Position

Calculate leveraged position based on entry, stop price and account balance

Get All Contracts

Allows users to get all contracts data from the Bingx market. Reference.

Get History Funding

Allows users to retrieve historical funding data related to the Bingx market. Reference.

Get K-line History

K-Line Data History reference.

Get K-line

Get K-Line Data reference.

Get Latest Funding

Current Funding Rate reference.

Get Latest Price

Get Latest Price of a Trading Pair reference.

Get Market Depth

Get Market Depth reference.

Get Market Trades

The latest Trade of a Trading Pair reference.

Get Open Position

Get Swap Open Positions reference.

Cancel All Trade Orders

Cancel all orders in the current entrusted state of the connected account. Reference.

Cancel Order

Cancel an order. Reference.

One-Click Close Position

Close positions with one-click. One-click closed position is traded at market price. Reference.

Trade Pending Orders

Executes pending trades on Bingx. Reference.

Query Order

Get the details of the order. Reference.

Trade Set Leverage

Used to set the leverage level for a trade. Reference.