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Calendly is an online scheduling and appointment booking platform that simplifies the process of setting up meetings and events. Its primary purpose is to help individuals and businesses schedule appointments with clients, colleagues, or prospects without the back-and-forth email exchanges. Users can set their availability preferences, share their personalized scheduling link, and allow others to book time slots based on their calendar availability. Calendly offers various automation features, such as automatic email notifications, calendar syncing, and time zone detection, which streamline the appointment booking process and reduce manual coordination efforts. It is especially useful for professionals in sales, customer support, consulting, and any role that involves frequent scheduling and time management tasks.


Trigger components allow you to start an automation flow when an event happens in the app.

New Invitee Action

Emit new event when a invitee takes some action.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Create a Scheduling Link

Creates a single-use scheduling link. See the docs.

Get Event

Gets information about an Event associated with a URI. See the docs.

List Event Invitees

List invitees for an event. See the docs.

List Events

List events for an user. See the docs

List Webhook Subscriptions

Get a list of Webhook Subscriptions for an Organization or User with a UUID. See the docs.