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Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) and distributed domain name server (DNS) service that helps businesses improve website performance and security. Its primary purpose is to optimize website loading times and protect against malicious attacks, ensuring a fast and secure user experience. Cloudflare offers various automation features, such as automatic caching, image optimization, and content delivery network (CDN) integration, which streamline the process of delivering high-quality content to users across different devices and locations. This automation is particularly valuable for web developers, digital marketers, and content creators, as it simplifies the handling of media assets, reduces manual optimization efforts, and enhances overall website performance.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Change Zone's SSL Setting

Choose the appropriate SSL setting for your zone. See the docs here.

Change Development Mode

Development Mode temporarily allows you to enter development mode for your websites if you need to make changes to your site. This will bypass Cloudflare's accelerated cache and slow down your site. See the docs here

Create an IP Access Rule

Create an IP Access Rule. See the docs here.

Create Key/Value Pairs

Create new Key/Value pairs in a Namespace. See the docs here

Create Namespace

Create a new Namespace in an account. See the docs here

Create Zone

Create Zone. See the docs here

Export DNS Records

Export a BIND config of a zone. See the docs here.

Import DNS Records

Import a BIND config into a zone. See the docs here.

List Certificates

List all existing Origin CA certificates for a given zone. See the docs here

Purge Files by URL

Granularly remove one or more files from Cloudflare's cache by specifying URLs. See docs here

Revoke Certificate

Revoke an existing Origin CA certificate by its serial number. See the docs here.