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File action and trigger components.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Compress Files

Compresses files into a single archive file.

Create File From Base64

Converts base64 text to file.

Create File From Table

Creates a file from table.

Create File

Creates a file from given data.

Create Table From File

Creates a table from a file.

Get File from URL

Gets a file from URL to be used in the automation flow.

Get Content as Base64

Gives the base64 encoded content of a file as text.

Get Content

Gets the content of a file.

Get File URL

Gets the given file's download URL Note: these files exist for the duration of the flow or the lifespan of the automation and do not have a permanent link.

Get File Info

Gets the information (metadata) about a file. This includes the file name, size, URL, and a unique ID.

Get Lines

Reads a file that contains text data and returns lines as list of text.

Text List to File

Creates a file from a list of text.