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Firebase is a comprehensive platform provided by Google that offers various services and tools for building and managing web and mobile applications. Its purpose is to simplify app development and improve app quality by providing a wide range of features, such as real-time database, cloud storage, authentication, hosting, and analytics. Firebase also offers automation capabilities, such as cloud functions, triggers, and automated testing, which help developers streamline their development processes and automate various backend tasks. This makes Firebase valuable for web developers, mobile app developers, and product teams, as it automates the infrastructure management, backend development, and analytics processes, allowing them to focus more on building innovative and user-friendly applications.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Firebase - Create Document

Creates a New Document. See the docs here

Firebase - Create Realtime Database Record

Creates or replaces a child object within your Firebase Realtime Database. See the docs here

Firebase - List Documents

Lists documents in a collection. See the docs here

Firebase - Save Event to Firestore

Stores a specific occurrence in Firestore.

Firebase - Update Documents

Updates a Document. See the docs here