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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online learning management system developed by Google that allows educators to create and manage virtual classrooms for their students. Its primary purpose is to facilitate remote and blended learning, providing a digital space where teachers can distribute assignments, post announcements, and interact with students in a structured and organized manner. Google Classroom offers various automation features, such as assignment grading, automatic file organization, and integration with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Docs, which streamline administrative tasks for educators. This automation is particularly valuable for teachers, educators, and school administrators, as it automates tasks like assignment submission, grading, and communication, ultimately enhancing the online learning experience and simplifying classroom management in the digital era.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Get Assignment

Retrieve information about an assignment. See the docs here.

List Assignments

Retrieve a list of assignments for a specific course. See docs here.