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Mastodon is a decentralized social network that allows users to share posts, photos, and videos with their followers. Its purpose is to provide a user-friendly and privacy-focused alternative to traditional social media platforms, enabling users to control their data and customize their experience. While Mastodon does not offer extensive automation features on its own, it can be integrated with other tools and platforms through APIs and third-party applications to automate certain aspects of social media management, such as post scheduling, content curation, and cross-platform sharing. This integration can be beneficial for social media managers, content creators, and digital marketers, as it streamlines tasks like post scheduling and content sharing, ultimately saving time and improving the efficiency of social media management.


Trigger components allow you to start an automation flow when an event happens in the app.

New Status Favorited

Emit new event when the specified status is favorited. See the docs here.

New Status

Emit new event when a new status is posted to your Profile. See the docs here.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Bookmark Status

Privately bookmark a status. See the docs here.

Edit Status

Edit a given status to change its text or sensitivity. See the docs here.

Pin Status to Profile

Feature one of your own public statuses at the top of your profile. See the docs here.

Post Status

Publish a status with the given parameters. See the docs here.

View Home Timeline

View statuses from followed users. See the docs here.

View Public Timeline

View public statuses. See the docs here