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Mixmax is a platform that provides online email and communication management for teams and businesses. Its purpose is to help users communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively with their customers and colleagues. Mixmax allows users to manage their email accounts, chat channels, and social media in one inbox, create and send personalized and targeted emails, automate and track their communications, and integrate with various tools and platforms.

No triggers available for this app. Do you need one? Contact us.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Get Contact

Get details of contact. See docs here.

Get Insights Reports

Retrieve insights reports. See docs here.

Get Meeting Types

Retrieve meeting types. See docs here.

Get Team by ID

Get details of a team by its ID. See docs here.

Get Teams

Retrieve a list of teams. See docs here.

Get User ID

Get user id. See docs here.