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Notion is an all-in-one productivity and collaboration tool that serves as a digital workspace for individuals and teams. Its purpose is to provide a versatile platform for note-taking, task management, project planning, and knowledge sharing. Notion offers various automation features, such as templates, integrations with other apps, and databases with relational properties, which help users streamline their workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This automation is particularly valuable for professionals in various job roles, including project managers, content creators, educators, and remote teams, as it automates tasks like task assignment, content organization, and data management, ultimately improving team collaboration, productivity, and knowledge sharing. With Notions automation capabilities, users can create dynamic and interconnected digital workspaces tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to work more efficiently and creatively.


Trigger components allow you to start an automation flow when an event happens in the app.

New Database

Emit new event when a database is created. Note: Databases must be shared with your Monkedo Integration to trigger event.

New Page in Database

Emit new event when a page in a database is created

Updated Page in Database

Emit new event when a page in a database is updated. To select a specific page, use Updated Page ID instead


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Append Block to Parent

Creates and appends blocks to the specified parent. See the docs

Create Page from Database

Creates a page from a database. See the docs

Create Page

Creates a page from a parent page. The only valid property is title. See the docs

Duplicate Page

Creates a new page copied from an existing page block. See the docs

Find a Page

Searches for a page by its title. See the docs

Query Database

Query a database. See the docs

Retrieve Block

Retrieves a block. A block object represents content within Notion. Blocks can be text, lists, media, and more. A page is also a type of block. See the docs

Retrieve Database Content

Retreive the content of a database. See the docs

Retrieve Database Schema

Retrieves a database object. Database objects describe the property schema of a database in Notion. See the docs

Retrieve Page Property Item

Retrieves a property_item object for a given page_id and property_id.

Retrieve Page

Retrieves a page. See the docs


Searches for a page or database. See the docs

Update Page

Updates page property values for the specified page. Properties that are not set will remain unchanged. To append page content, use the append block action. See the docs