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OneSignal is a push notification and in-app messaging platform that enables businesses and developers to send messages and notifications to users across various devices and platforms. Its purpose is to provide a powerful and easy-to-use solution for engaging and re-engaging users with personalized messages and updates. OneSignal offers various automation features, such as scheduled notifications, triggered messages based on user actions, and segmenting users based on their behavior or demographics, which help automate the process of sending targeted messages to specific user groups. This automation is particularly valuable for mobile app developers, marketers, and customer support teams, as it automates tasks like message delivery, user re-engagement, and customer communication, ultimately improving user retention, driving app usage, and enhancing overall customer experience. With OneSignals automation capabilities, businesses can effectively reach and interact with their audience, building strong connections and loyalty with their users.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Add Device

Register a new device to your app. See docs here

Create Notification

Create a notification. See docs here

Get Device

Get a specific device. See docs here

Get Devices

Get all devices. See docs here