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OpenWeather is a weather data and forecasting service that provides real-time weather information and forecasts for locations worldwide. Its purpose is to offer developers, businesses, and individuals access to accurate weather data to enhance their applications and decision-making. OpenWeather offers various automation features, such as weather data APIs and weather map layers, which help developers automate the process of retrieving and displaying weather information on their websites or applications. This automation is particularly valuable for web developers, mobile app developers, and businesses in various industries, as it automates tasks like weather data retrieval and display, ultimately improving user experiences and providing valuable insights for industries like agriculture, transportation, and outdoor events planning, where weather conditions play a critical role in decision-making. With OpenWeathers automation capabilities, users can seamlessly integrate weather information into their applications, enabling them to stay informed and make more informed decisions based on real-time and forecasted weather data.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

OpenWeather - Get Current Weather by Location

Retrieves the current weather condition by location longitude and latitude. See the docs here. For more accurate reading, you are advised to fill in the country and/or state code

Get Current Weather by ZIP code

Retrieves the current weather for a given (ZIP, country)

Get Current Weather Forecast by Location

Retrieves 1-16 days weather forecast for a specified location. See the docs here. For more accurate reading, you are advised to fill in the country and/or state code

Get Weather Forecast by ZIP code

Retrieves the 5-day weather forecast for a given (ZIP, country)