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Raindrop is a bookmark management tool that allows users to save, organize, and access their favorite links and web content from anywhere. Its purpose is to provide a centralized platform for collecting and categorizing bookmarks, making it easier for users to find and revisit saved web pages, articles, videos, and other online resources. offers various automation features, such as smart tags, bulk editing, and suggested folders, which help users automate the process of organizing and managing their bookmarks effectively. This automation is particularly valuable for professionals in various job roles, including researchers, content creators, and students, as it automates the task of bookmark organization, ultimately saving time and providing a clutter-free bookmarking experience. With's automation capabilities, users can maintain a curated library of valuable online content, enabling them to stay organized, informed, and productive in their online research and content curation endeavors.


Trigger components allow you to start an automation flow when an event happens in the app.

New Bookmark

Emit new event when a bookmark is added.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Create New Collection

Creates an additional collection. See the docs here

Delete Bookmark

Delete a bookmark. See the docs here

Delete Collection

Delete a collection. See the docs here

Get Bookmark

Retrieve bookmark detailed information by given ID. See the docs here

Get Collection

Get collection. See the docs here

Retrieve All Collections

Retrieves all collections. See the docs here

Parse HTML Bookmark File

Convert HTML bookmark file to JSON. Support Nestcape, Pocket and Instapaper file formats. See the docs here

Retrieve Bookmarks from Collection

Retrieves all bookmarks from the specified collection. See docs

Save to Raindrop Collection

Receive a link and save it into a specified collection. See docs

Update Bookmark

Update an existing bookmark. See the docs here

Update Collection

Update an existing collection. See the docs here