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All Integrations422Built-In12Artificial Intelligence27Commerce22Communication54CRM46Delivery Management1Developer Tools87Education9Finance26Hosting27Human Resources6Issue Tracking13Marketing106Media52Productivity87SAAS62Security8Social26Storage21Support19Task Management46 is a platform that helps you find and verify email addresses, enrich leads, and automate outreach. is designed to be used by sales and marketing professionals who want to generate more leads and conversions.


Trigger components allow you to start an automation flow when an event happens in the app.

Campaign Email Sent

Triggers when any email is sent to the recipient in any drip campaign.

Campaign Reply Received

Triggers when any email is replied to by the recipient in any drip campaign.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Add Prospect to List

Add prospect to a specific list. This method will be useful for those who want to automate adding prospects to lists with active email drip campaigns. This way after a prospect is automatically added to a chosen list, an email drip campaign will be started for them automatically. See docs here.

Create Prospect List

Create a new prospect list in your account. See docs here.

Domain Search

Enter a domain name and will return all the email addresses on the domain.

Email Verifier

Check if the provided email addresses are valid and deliverable. See docs here.

Find Prospect

Find prospects from your lists either by ID or by email.

See Campaign Replies

View the campaign replies with all the information, including the prospect name, ID, campaign, etc. See docs here.

View User Lists

View all the lists created by the user. You can use this method to review lists that can be used for an email drip campaign. See docs here.

View All Campaigns

Shows the list of all the user campaigns. See docs here.