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Table Operations

Table Operations action and trigger components.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Add Column

Adds a column to the table.

Add Row

Adds a row to the table.

Count Table Rows

Counts the number of rows in a table.

Delete Column

Delete a column from the table.


Filters a table based on given query.

Get Column

Gets a column from the table.

Get Row

Returns a row from the table.

Get Table Section

Retrieves a section of a table based on the start and end positions.

Merge Tables

Merge two tables into one. If the tables have equal column names and types, the columns will be merged. If not, the columns will be ignored. All rows will be merged regardless of the column names and types.

Remove Row By Position

Removes a row from the table by position.

Remove Row

Removes a row from the table. Using the item, it will remove all other rows that share a common mapping with the input item (i.e. all rows that have the same value for the same field). if the input item is { name: "John" }, it will remove all rows that have the name "John". However, if there is a field match but the value doesn't match, it will not be removed.

Remove Table Range

Removes rows from the table by position.


Reverses the order of rows in a table.

Set Column

Sets a column in the table.

Set Row

Sets a row in the table.

Sort Table

Takes a table as input and sorts by the given criteria.

Table From Entity

Creates a table from an entity.

Convert To List

Converts a table to a list of entities.