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Text action and trigger components.


Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Concatenate Texts

Takes two texts and merges them with the given separator.

Convert Case

Edits the text according to the selected option.

Convert to JSON

Creates a JSON text from a value.

Count Text

Calculates the number of characters, words, and lines in the text, including empty lines, or counts the occurrences of the searched word.

Cut Text

Extracts a subtext from the given text range (inclusive).

Empty Text

Utility component that just provides an empty Text.

Find In Text

Finds specified types of values in the text.

Get Position

Get the position of a text in another text.

Resulting range is inclusive. Start position points to the first character of the search text and end position points to the last. If search text is empty or it is not found, both positions will be 0.

Pad Text

Adds characters to the start, end or both sides of the text.

Parse JSON

Creates a value from a JSON text.

Replace Text

Replaces parts of text with another text.

Split Text

Splits a text into text parts using a separator text.

Trim Spaces

Removes the leading or trailing whitespace characters from the text.

Yes/No to Text

Converts a Yes/No value to a text value.