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Zoom is a video conferencing and online meeting platform that facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among individuals and teams. Its purpose is to provide a seamless and interactive virtual environment for hosting video conferences, webinars, and virtual meetings. Zoom offers various automation features, such as meeting scheduling, recording, and integration with calendar applications, which help users automate the process of organizing and managing online meetings. This automation is particularly valuable for professionals in various job roles, including remote teams, educators, and businesses, as it automates tasks like meeting invitations, attendance tracking, and meeting recording, ultimately enhancing productivity and ensuring efficient communication. With Zoom's automation capabilities, users can connect with others globally, collaborate effectively, and conduct virtual events, making it a versatile tool for modern workspaces and remote communication needs.

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Action components allow you to perform operations on the app.

Create Meeting

Creates a new Zoom meeting. For more info, see the Zoom API docs.

Get Meeting Details

Retrieves the details of a meeting. See the docs here.

List Channels

List a user's chat channels.

Update Meeting

Updates an existing Zoom Meeting. For more info, see the Zoom API docs.